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Namaskar! Welcome to our Yoga and Meditation classes in Melbourne.

Yoga Classes

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What we teach?

Our classes blends the traditional Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga system which also includes some specific sequencing of Vinyasa (Sanskrit term for breath and movement) which really ignites your POWER, tones your body, helps you balance your mind and burn calories thus culminating in a beautiful holistic experience of yoga. The classes allows Beginners and all levels to be challenged in the same class. You will practice in a spacious heated modern studio at 25 deg temperature to get the best result. Read more

Yoga Teacher Training Course

yoga teacher training

The Yoga Teacher Training Course - PART TIME

Located in Melbourne Australia we specialise in Yoga Teacher Training Courses based on world`s oldest Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga systems which are traditional & authentic. We also conduct regular yoga classes in Melbourne (Australia). The Teacher Training Course is specially designed by Yoga & Meditation School of India which intends to provide QUALITY Yoga Teacher Training course following strong foundation which includes traditional Yoga Philosophy (Sage Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and Swami Svātmārāma Hatha yoga (Sanskrit ) from Haṭha‐pradīpikā), Yoga Techniques, Yogic Lifestyle principles complimenting todays modern life.Read more

Meditation Classes

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Why Meditate?

Human mind is fickle, like a butterfly, which very often travels even faster than the speed of light. It does not wait at one place for long time. In this stressful day to day life, we do not have any control on our mind journey as we either keep brooding over our past memories or think too much about our future!!

What is meditation according to yoga ?

Meditation is an experience where your mind becomes completely thoughtless (stress free) while you are fully conscious. Read more

Chakra Healing

Are you suffering from ailments in the body like BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN, JOINT PAIN or any other chronic physical pain? Any Physiological pain like ANXIETY, DEPRESSION OR SLEEPING PROBLEMS ?

Do you want to improve your personal relationships? OR Do you constantly feel energy drained or powerless?

No matter what you do the root of all this lies in our own energetic wellbeing. Each and every living being have an aura which is made up of PRANA ( as called in YOGA as life force).This invisible mystical bio energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains the state of good health.Read more

School Kids Yoga

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What Yoga & Meditation school of India offers to kids?

The whole focus of introducing Yoga and Meditation for kids is to teach them how to relax and be more focus in their day to day activities. We conduct yoga classes for SCHOOL KIDS from PREP upto GRADE 6 in schools . The session are interesting, funny and challenging (at kids level). Our aim is to bring out the hidden talent & potential of the child and bring a healthy mind body balance.YOGA AS A PART OF SCHOOL DAY

Our approach to teaching yoga as part of the integrated school day within established school routine plus input from teaching staff results in a much livelier , more vibrant and fun learning experience. And at the same allows us to focus on the social and emotional aspects of childrens learning. Read more

Students Reviews

Absolutely Brilliant! Yoga school of India has really help me to balance my mind & body in great way. The relaxation at the end is the bomb! Thanks!

Kazuho Ohashi - Dancer

After each yoga class, I come away feeling peaceful and strong - mentally, physically and spiritually.Thank you Samir.

Keren - Law student

I have also done the Yoga School of India meditation course. I was really impressed at how our teacher, Samir, gave each student individual attention.Read more

spiritual yoga

Any time in life if you feel lonely or depress read this....will help you!!

Geeta saar from Bhagavad Gita!!Whatever happened, it happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost?Read more

Yoga TV

Travel show

Namaskar! Welcome to our Travel show We are taking you to the homeland of 5000 year old history of Mystical science - YOGA. Enjoy!

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