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Chakra Healing



Are you suffering  from ailments in the body like BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN, JOINT PAIN or any other  chronic physical pain? Any Physiological pain like ANXIETY, DEPRESSION OR SLEEPING PROBLEMS ?

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Do you want to improve your personal relationships? OR Do you constantly feel energy drained or powerless?

No matter what you do the root of all this lies in our own energetic wellbeing. Each and every living being have an aura which is made up of PRANA ( as called in YOGA  as life force) This invisible mystical bio energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains the state of good health. This energy body or aura is the mould or blue print which surrounds and interpenetrates the surrounding body. It is the energy body which absorbs life energy and distributes throughout  the physical body the muscles organs and glands.

Our Aura can have clean positive energy or dirty negative energy. In our daily life there are many things which will negatively affect our aura like anger, fear, stress and frustration which all become negative energy stored under our aura as grey clouds. These grey clouds can appear or latter materialise as physical diseases, pain or physiological and emotional disorder. SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

 Simple …. Just as we take the shower  regularly to clean our physical body we also have this energy body which requires constant cleaning. Putting our physical and  energy body together creates our whole living system. For cleaning our energy body there is simple, powerful and effective solution for our Chakras with the help of pranic healing. It requires no drugs or gadgets not even physical contact with the subject. By clearing this negative  energy and clearing all blockages from our aura  in our body though pranic healing we are able to resolve issues, attract good people , good relationships , prosperity and success. This art was rediscovered and systematically developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui after extensive research of 30 years.It is actively used in over 80 countries and numerous healing centers, wellness professionals and many more in different fields.

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Till now Thousands and hundreds of people from all walks of your life have benefited from Pranic healing ……….You will also!

Operating hours -

Tuesday 10am  to 2pm

Wednesday 10am  to 2 pm

Thursday 10am to 2pm

Friday 10am  to 2pm

Cost - $60  (First Session which normally last for 45 mins to 1 hour)

Subsequent per treatment session - $40

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