Namaskar! Would you like to become a yoga teacher ? Our Authentic yoga teacher training is available for you in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

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Private Yoga classes

Our private clients are either super-busy and can’t make it to evening class regularly, or, they are carrying a specific injury. Either way the one-on-one attention is a fantastic way to help them get the most out of a really tailored yoga practice that matches the needs of their schedule, and of their body.
It’s a great option for you if you would like that personal focus on getting the most benefit out of your yoga practice with minimum disruption to your busy week.

•The perfect way to guarantee individual attention that will ensure every posture is tailored to the individual needs of your body.
•Conducted in the comfort of your own home  at a mutually agreeable time.
•The speed at which you will see your body change is faster than that of group classes. You may wish to focus on improving certain postures, addressing particular health concerns or simply enjoying yoga to develop your own personal practice.
•Please let me know if there is a particular area of interest or health issue you are looking to address when you book for your session.

The private clients we work with are mainly
•Busy CEO’s or business owners wanting to destress through Meditation or work their yoga into their schedule
•Mum’s with babies at home who want to get back into their exercise but not leave the baby
•Students with specific injuries who want one-on-one attention whilst they heal before coming to a group class
•Students who want to perfect certain asana’s with more time and attention than is possible in a group class

 Details about your yoga class training 
Private yoga class session one to one session for an 1 hour and 15 minutes

Our Yoga Teacher will be visiting your place at a mutualy  agreed  time.

Traditional Yoga training  including consultation, yoga postures, breathing practice and Meditation.

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