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Our School Tradition

 Yoga & Meditation school of India We teach and specialise in  yoga teacher training in TRADTIONAL HATHA yoga  and ASHTANGA YOGA SYSTEM  which is based on one common principle  of holding body position in unique way for particular time to revitalise  and balance your mind and body. The yoga school is based in Melbourne was  founded by Yoga Teacher Samir Rane.  Ashatanga Yoga originitated in India from Sage Patanjali about 5000 year ago followed by  Hatha yoga  believed to be originated from Lord Shiva(Nath tradition), later followed by many great yogis like Sage Mastyendranath, Churangi, Sage Gorakhshanath in 8th and 9th century. While Ashatanga yoga 196 Sutras was passed on to next generation  through oral recitations.  First comprehesive text  “Hatha yoga pradepika “of Hatha yoga was established in 1200AD by Swami Swatmarama.



School Founder - Samir Rane  comes from a  yogic family from India where  yoga has been his family tradition for many generations and he is associated with yoga for last 24 years. The lineage is carry forward from his Grandfather (Yogacharya Arjun) who was also a Yoga Guru back in India teaching in one of the most distinguished Yoga school . He has travelled and practice under well respected yoga teachers (gurus) who had distinguished themselves as celebrated yoga teachers in different parts of India.

With years of yoga experience he is on the panel of Senior Level 3 yoga teachers with Yoga Australia..... only few have that privelage.

  As a Yoga Teacher he has taught students in India, NewZealand and Australia and have helped many to gain their  mind and body fitness through traditional Ashtanga and Hatha yoga system.  Till date more than 3800 students have attended and experience Yoga and meditation school of India classes in Melbourne and have thus created a community for Yoga students and it  continues to openly share its  knowledge passion and love for Yoga.
Having worked in different profession of high pressure corporate jobs he has guided many students including Doctors, lawyers, Mums, Business people and many more  on how to make use of yoga in practical life to be happy and maintain a good lifestyle. Many students have gone further to open their own yoga studios  or have made amazing transformation in their self belief and development.

 Yoga and Meditation School of India conduct very popular  YOGA TEACHER’S TRAINING COURSE in MELBOURNE for students  who would like to teach tradtional yoga across the world and  help the community. This Yoga teachers training course will help students  to gain good understanding and knowledge of this mystical science for self realisation and spiritual growth.

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