Namaskar! Would you like to become a yoga teacher ? Our Authentic yoga teacher training is available for you in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

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हरीओम्  (Hari Om)

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Melbourne, Australia (Part Time)

A unique rare authentic yoga training course dedicated to inspire your modern day life and also bring

a life changing experience for your mind,body & spirit


    200 hours Level 1 - YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 

(This Amazing inspirational  Authentic Yoga Training clears your Yoga concepts from the

CORE  and gives you a  strong  confidence to  Teach Yoga anywhere in the world to all age groups

at  the same time helps your own Self Development  as a person thus motivating you to lead a happy and  positive lifesyle in todays fast pace modern world )  


Level 1 Batch starts 11th FEBRUARY 2018  


(Every Sunday)



Week day Level 1 Batch starts 26th April 2018  


(Every Evening Thursday)


(Strictly limited seats available. Last date of adimission April 11th 2018 ) 



 150 Hours Level 2  ADVANCE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (Every Sunday)

(This Advance level yoga training   is the next step for our level 1 graduates

to deepen their yoga practice to enrich themselves mentally and physically

to achieve higher levels of Yoga at the same time get Inspired,  Learn or Teach these advance techniques to other dedicated yogis,

many of these techniques are very rare to find nowadays)

Current batch Admissions are full and closed. Next Batch starts July 2018 (Extact Date TBC)

Only students who have successfully completed our Level 1 training are eligible to apply for Advance Level 2


All Yoga teacher training will be conducted at our Caulfield yoga studio   



Yoga & Meditation School of India is an  internationally renowned yoga school in Melbourne Australia.  Our Yoga Teacher Training program is based on world`s oldest Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga systems which are traditional and authentic which allows to you to teach Nationally and Overseas. 

This is a authentic Hands on Yoga teacher training program  with no strings attached of any Guru or STYLE of yoga used to attract or confuse you nor any early bird pressure to join the training . This yoga training program  is specially designed for you based on reality of what yoga actually is and to provide you with a QUALITY Yoga Training based on strong fundamental yogic foundation as layed in India which includes traditional Yoga Philosophy based on Sage Patanjali’s yoga sutras of Ashtanga Yoga and Swami Svātmārāma Hatha yoga  from Haṭha‐pradīpikā),  Yogic and modern science anatomy and special yogic Techniques, Yogic Lifestyle principles complementing our todays modern life.   It will endow the yoga aspirants  with guiding principles of their own personal, physical development and habituation to spiritual consciousness.  The training program is conducted at a very center location and being a Part Time training program, it is very convenient and suitable for many working and non-working individuals. 

What will you gain after undergoing this amazing training program?

* Become an Authentic Yoga Teacher who knows their basics right  and can successfully teach pure yoga to amaze this world. Opportunity to learn and teach unique sequencing of  dynamic asanas, pranyama and meditation classes which gives  your students the ultimate holistic yoga experience of this ancient  science.  Explore a new Career. Teach in  Australia and around the globe.

* SELF DEVELOPMENT is one of the key aspect of this training. So if you are not keen on teaching yoga, but would like to undergo self transformation this training will support you in every aspect. This Yoga teacher training will help you
explore many of yours hidden potentials to lead you to success. This yogic study will inspire the person to become fearless and confident in many aspects of life ...

* You will personally experience and explore many hidden treasures of traditional Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga which is the fundamental foundation of yoga study and it will lead you to success in coming days...... we will make you experience the  immense happiness which this beautiful science has given the world.

* You will excel in your strengths both physical and Mentally and will give you solutions for life to stay fit at the same time will guide you to  use your own Spiritual connection to handle your day to day modern hectic life and stress (without becoming a monk) 


Accreditation & Insurance

Successful completion of YTT program from Yoga and meditation school of India provides you with the opportunity to start your own yoga classes  or work as a qualified accrediated traditional yoga teacher in Australia and Globally.   All our succesful applicants are instantly eligible for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance in Australia and Overseas after completion of our Yoga Teacher Training period.

Keeping the tradition of yoga we encourage students to  first attend some public classes under the direct guidance of  the principal yoga teacher under whom they are going to learn this mystical science. Once you take this step your heart will tell you which place is right for you to continue your education. PS - Yoga is all about your personal  EXPIRENCE.  


If you are passionate about learning the true essence of  yoga and would like to teach yoga to anyone around the globe or  want to do self development or who want to simply  find a new lifestyle to live a better life in todays world. All are welcomed.

Till date we have people from all walks of life  joining us......passationate yoga students, Mums, Dairy farmers, Personal traineers, Office working professionals staff, Medical Doctors, Research Scientists, Uni students,  Lawyers, Medical Nurses, Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Acupunturist, Healers, Massage therapist, Mayotherapist, Psychic readers   and the list is endless.


Those who join us are very passionate students travelling from far distance  besides the local students from Melbourne.....

Some inspirational  case studies of  our students for your motivation 

►A medical nurse traveling  from a place near  Cowra (border of NSW and Victoria travel time around appx 6  hours. Use to start travelling  on saturday  take a break and start in early morning on Sunday again to reach our 9am training 

►Two inspiring mums each have 3 boys ..... all below 10 year old .... traveling from Sale (Gippsland) use to start early morning after the setting the family up for the day.


Please note: All Yoga teacher trainiees will be trained and mentored from basic level with regards to asanas practice and teaching. What is required is your hard work and passion to learn yoga and implement its benefits in day to day life. If you follow this reciepe sky is the limit for your success in whatever you wish to achieve it may be your relationship, career, Business or fitness.

Your Application will be subject to approval based on your interview with the course director.

Please note, students travelling to Yoga and meditation school of India  should not come with the expectation of just obtaining authorised or certified status. The idea is that you come to learn, experience and deepen your Yoga  practice at the same time achieve your goals and passion in life. Before joining our teacher training course you need to  make sure that you can allocate dedicated time during the course period  to gain and implement the learnt knowledge. The fees for this course is non-refundable. There are only limited seats available and will be allocated on first come first serve basis.


Teaching faculties
Samir Rane is the principal  teaching faculty at Yoga and Meditation school of India and comes from a yogic family in India where yoga is being followed as tradition and he is the 3rd generation to carry on the lineage with  years of experience in teaching students in different countries including Australia, New Zealand and India.  He is associated with yoga for last 28 years and till now  thousands have attended his public classes in Melbourne. 

Our other teaching staff includes highly qualified faculty in Medical science specialised in Modern and Yogic  Anatomy including  Ayurveda.

Guest speakers from medical and different profession will also give you valuable insight as to how they use yoga in their clinics, childcares, yoga studios, Gyms, special need people. Our Yoga teacher trainees learn a lot from this experience. All our Guest speakers are our certified qualified yoga teachers and members of our public classes.

Course Study notes and information

All students will be provided with our specially prepared training manual  having all practical and theory yoga related information..



Yoga techniques- includes practical training / practice combined with theory & lectures.

Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit Shlokas &  Mantras

Knowing the foundation of Yoga - The 5000 year old main yogic SUTRAS of Sage Patanjali, understanding its meaning and use in our day to day life. Recitation of   ancient healing Vedic  Mantras and Shlokas, experiencing its  amazing vibration effects on yourself  and understanding its meaning.



sun salutations sequence

Different levels of  sequence. Training will be given with clear understanding of  how and why we need to  do surya namaskar in particular way. This will also include recitation and learning of specfic mantra used during Surynamaskar. You will also know the medical benefits.


Yoga Asanas (Poses)

yoga asanas


 Various traditional Asanas  includes  beginners level, intermediate and some advance levels.
 (Please note we don’t invent asanas  or branding styles  to impress you during the course but follow the traditional fundamental yoga teachings which are result oriented and proven for generations )


  Main Asanas Categories ( You will learn more than 50 Asanas (poses) in this training)

 • (Tada & Tola) Standing & Balancing
 • (paschimo)Forward bends
 • (purvo)Backward bends  
 • (Pota) Abdominal position Asanas
 • (Viparita) Inversions Asanas
 • (Baithak) Sitting asanas
 • (Parivritta)Twists 
 • Savasana.

Above all are different sections of Asana practice categories and you will be trained systematically on how to use them for 

►Elderly, Adults, Teens and Kids

► Various injury prone People


Yoga and its application on Human Anatomy based on latest International Medical research.

This involves theory & lectures related to…

  ►General anatomy and Yoga benefits

… Nervous System
… Endocrine System
… Lymphatic System
… Respiratory System
… Cardiovascular System
… Digestive System

►Musculoskeletal system

►Biomechanics of asanas

►Body alignment



►Chakra channels within the body.

►Nadis - the channels which carries your prana and its importance.

►Bandhas- learn a very safe and effective ancient techniques of giving gentle massage to our body internally.

You will be learning the art of self-correction, injury recovery and precautions while performing the asanas and pranayama. This knowledge is important for any yoga teacher  while conducting their own yoga classes.
This section will also cover a  short Introduction to Yoga as Therapy & medical  research results  related to yoga.


Pranayama (YOUR LIFE LINE) –Bandhas- Mudras Techniques



  Conscious breathing requires sensitivity to properly direct life energy (prana), which makes all physical, mental, and spiritual life possible. It is the subtle thread that connects us with universal consciousness. Pranayama is a way of using the breath to receive, generate, distribute, and store this vital energy. We will explore Ujjayi (victory breath), nadi shodhanam (alternating nostril), kappalabhati (breath of fire), sitali (cooling breath), and many more.These plays very important role in Yoga students life when  followed by bandhas and mudras.

you will learn how to use different traditional technics  along with its  medical benefits and precautions.


Dharna (Concentration & Dhyana ( Meditation ) process

 In this training you will actually experience the beautiful phase of meditation which is mind blowing (this is beyond concentrating on an object or visiualisation) and you would not like to come out of that phase. These are traditional authentic techniques passed on to us for generations. We welcome you all to come and learn them in this training.  

Meditation training

►You will be trained in  different ancient meditation techniques like  Om meditation, Chakra meditation and many more
This training  also includes
►How to prepare your mind  for meditation in traditional way ?
►How to implement the process in day to day life?
►How to conduct meditation  class  for students. 
Shatkarmas  (Cleansing process)


You will learn some of the special internal body cleansing techniques,experience its medical benefits. These unique techniques are  dating back to 1200 AD from traditional Hatha yoga.

Kundalini Energy 

You will actually experience a very beautiful experience which is the ulitmate goal of your yoga practice.

This will be a mind blowing experience which our Teacher trainiees  experience .


Traditional Yoga Philosopy, Theory, lectures includes

SAGE Patanjalis Ashtanga yoga and its important Sutras

Origin and principles Yama, Nimaya, Asanas, pranayama, Prathahara,  Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi  
Hatha yoga

Origin and Philosophy, Yamas, Niyama,  Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, Shatkarmas

Karma yoga 

You will be learning and experiencing in practical way on how this principle works for you in daily life based on VEDAS. Learn about self enquiry, who you are and where you are heading in life?

Sanskrit   Terminology 

Understanding the meaning specifically related to yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation and proper practice of pronunciation

Mantra’s & Chants

Learning the meaning, pronunciation and recitation practice withstand learning the art of using it during yoga classes is amazing. Explore the Scientific effect and benefits of  mantras. How your stress level reduces dramatically.  (You will be surprise how quickly you will learn these authentic yogic mantras with ancient techniques) 

Bhagvada Gita and  correlation of Yoga


Introduction to  Vedas, Uphanishads,  Gunah, koshas


Introduction to Ayurveda,  Learn the different body types to live a healthy lifestyle.



The yoga teacher trainees will be trained and mentored on various important aspects of asanas and Pranayama training considering the tradition and Safety.

yoga teaching asanas poses

→Preparation methods before conducting yoga class.

→How to conduct and instruct  a small class of 15 people  and big class about 50 plus people at one go, time management for each asana , how to keep the class alert and enjoyable all the time.

→Conducting classes without losing the focus of traditional system. 

→How to keep proper body alignment while practising and performing  in front of students and to avoid injuries?

→Explaining Medical benefits and precautions of different asana while conducting classes.

→Ways to manage beginners and regular yoga students in same or different class.

→Different aspects involved while teaching yoga at club level and  dedicated  yoga class.

→How to keep your own practice going in busy teaching schedule?


 Yoga for Pre and Post pregnancy phase 

You will learn the  traditional yoga methods used during these period

Yoga and Fertility

You will be given proper insight based on our own teachers case studies and how yoga has correlations to Fertility.  A must to know for every lady.

Yoga for people with special needs 

You will be guided on how to teach yoga to people suffering from anxiety, depression, stroke and many other medical problems

Yoga for Kids and Teens

You will train on how to teach school kids and how to handle a kids  class of different age group.

Training on conducting Private Yoga classes

This will be a special session for you where you will be trained and mentor on how to conduct  classes for people on one to one basis.


Every student  will be trained to conduct  mock up teaching session within their training group.

You will be given feedback on your teaching skills.

You will learn to observe others while teaching.


Yoga teacher’s vision and role in community

What vision you should have when you  start teaching yoga to public (both in your studio or teaching  in clubs). 

How to become a succesful yoga teacher in community.


 How to start your own Yoga classes and start teaching yoga ?

You will be given inputs on latest different advertising mediums for promoting your classes along with marketing tips

We will share our experiences and success stories of past batch students who are currently running succesful Yogatheir own studios

 How to Apply for a Yoga Job? Our Free Special Mentoring  Assistance !

There is high demand for  Yoga Teachers everywhere today .  This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to start an exciting  new career besides their current work and also support their lifestyle with this unique passion .

As part of this level - 1 training program we will guide you with all the tips and procedures on how to apply professionally for a yoga job in the industry and become succesful in this pathway. Please note you need to be passionate, ethical, hard working and satisfy all our yoga training requirements in order to qualify for this Special Mentoring program from the Director of this Yoga school.


 PS- We will reveal with EVIDENCE why different STYLES names are given for yoga and the motive behind it and finally you will be the judge to find out the reality.  We will also clarify as to  what and how actually an Ashtanga or Hatha yoga class is suppose to be based on authentic teachings from where yoga originated, We will also discuss  and explain you what is Iyengar yoga, Krama Vinyasa, Vinyasa yoga, Kriya yoga etc and all Sanskrit terms used by few pundits . And also  Contempory names like  Yin ,  Power yoga, Hot yoga etc  .....

Practical & Theory Exam

2 levels of practical and Theory (Open book written exams) during the 6  months intensive course These are more like assesments to help you to clarify your  yoga concepts and for us to know your understanding level so that we can assist you succesfully.

Attendance to all lectures and practicals is min 90%

Practical experience as Assist trainee Teacher  in  Public group CLASSES 

As a part of training  Students will be given opportunity to perform asanas and assist our main teacher in front of  live classes which will slowly help you  to boast your  confidence in facing the crowd.

 You will be  participating as Assist trainee teacher as an when required based on the instructions of our main teacher)


Our Public yoga classes Recommendation 

The souls of our highly trained Yoga Teachers is crafted so beautifully in our Teacher training program  that  their above results speaks for themselves.

Case study... The above 97% customer recommendation seal is given to us by Groupon (a world class deal company) based on confidential feedbacks from  new clients who have attended our  public yoga classes for first time and had a mind blowing yoga experience.

Food for thought ..... If so many people who come for first time give such high recommendation rating then what is that secret which makes Yoga and Meditation school of India‛s yoga teachers so unique. 

We welcome you all to experience this uniqueness and decide if you like to be a part of this rare world class Authentic and Traditional Yoga teacher Training program in Melbourne.


For Melbourne - Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training  Course Enrollment and other details. 

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