Namaskar! Would you like to become a yoga teacher ? Our Authentic yoga teacher training is available for you in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

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 Yoga Classes

Our Yoga classes located in Caulfield Melbourne Australia are Popular, Affordable & practice Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. The yoga  classes blends  Hatha yoga with specific sequencing of Vinyasa (Sanskrit term for breath and movement) from Ashtanga yoga  which really ignites your POWER,  tones your body, helps  you  balance your mind  and burn calories thus culminating in a beautiful holistic experience of yoga.  The classes  allows Beginners and  all levels to be challenged in the same class. You will practice in a spacious modern studio at normal warm temperature  to get the best results.

yoga classes


After each yoga class, I come away feeling peaceful and strong mentally, physically and spiritually.  Each class is different and dynamic and often includes a relaxed laugh amongst the group. Samir manages to create a professional yet nurturing atmosphere which ensures I get every benefit from the class.It can be a hard task to find a passionate, knowledgeable, caring and inspired teacher but my task is complete.
Thank you Samir

Renee Furness

Yoga student

Great reasons to book our Yoga classes

Perfect Duration Class is an hour and quarter each week: long enough to work hard but short enough to fit into the busiest schedule.

•Great Environment  Modern heated big space, lovely students …everyone is local, and everyone is a beginner so no feeling embarassed, you learn at the pace that is right for your body.

•Perfect Location Class is situated  off famous Caulfield Park. Convinent for all people, free car parking.  

Proper class  This is a carefully structured course where each week you will learn great technique at a safe pace building your confidence as you go.

•Experienced Teacher  Samir is a qualified registered International teacher who is associated with yoga for last 22 years and have taught in Australia, NewZealand & India.

•Great Value   Its the best value yoga in Melbourne.

Traditional training process for our students in Yoga Classes

STEP   1) Starting with initial know -how about Yoga and its evolution. Your yoga session will  start with an ancient and very effective 10 steps sequencial asanas combined with  Vinayasa techniques (more like a cardio process) that will burn your calories and  tone up your body muscles. It will help you to lose weight, increase your stamina and bring flexibility to your body.  


STEP  2) We will then start the  traditional  yoga asanas (yoga poses).  Asanas have deep impact on the entire body and mind complex. It affects different systems like muscular, respiratory, circulation, digestive, endocrine, nervous etc. Every asana you do will be assisted by us through corrections and proper body alignment and you will be also explained its benefits for the anatomy of your body. You will be fascinated with the rush of energy levels in your body as we move step by step from one asana to other with proper Shavasana (resting intervals) .


STEP 3) From asanas we take you through Pranayama** (ancient yoga breathing techniques).  You will learn some amazing ancient yoga techniques of breath which  can be used  to remove your stress  in few seconds. These are very powerful techniques which need to be experienced and can’t be expressed in words. It will be one of the blue prints for your long life. 


STEP 4) We then prepare your mind for  Dharna (Concentration) leading to  Dhyan (Meditation). Meditation helps your mind to  become more clear from thoughts and attend tranquility.


STEP 5) Finally  we do the Shavasana relaxing through Music, Yogic sound or Yoga Nidra which will give you peace, harmony and help you reawaken your spiritual consciousness.   

   ..........Experience the bliss!!!

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