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Ashtanga Yoga Origin and principles

*Origin India

*Founder --Sage Patanjali around 400BC

*Authentic Ashatanga yoga Sutras --196 sanskrit lines or sutras. As the printing technology was not available at that time, this text has been  transferred through generations by oral recitations (Shruti).

*Meaning of Ashtanga - In Sanskrit "Ashta + anga" is Ashtanga. "Ashta" means Eight and "Anga" is limbs so it means Eight Limb path, ashtanga yoga is based on Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali.

Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga -
(English translation of  sanskrit words)

1.Yama (Principles)
* Ahimsa - A principle of non-violence
* Satya - A principle of Truthfulness
* Asteya - A principle of non stealing
* Brahmacharya - Continence / celibacy
* Aparigah - A principle of non-hoarding or non possessiveness

2.Niyama (Personal Disciplines)
* Shoucha - Purity
* Santosh - Contentment
* Tapa - Endurance
* Swadhyaya- Self study
* Eshwar Pranidhan- Dedication

3.Asana - (Yoga Postures / positions) A stable and comfortable posture which helps attain mental equilibrium.

4.Pranayama - (Yoga Breathing) Extension and control of breath.

5.Pratyahara - (Withdrawal of Senses) A mental preparation to increase the power of mind.

6.Dharana - (Concentration on Object) Concentration of mind on one object and its field.

7.Dhyan - (Meditation) With drawing mind from all external objects and Focusing it on one point and meditating on it.

8.Samadhi - (Salvation) State of Super bliss, joy and merging individual consciousness in to universal consciousness.